Keep Calm and…

I have a friend who is a fan of the Keep Calm and Carry on logo so when I saw patterns for some I just had to stitch them for her.

Each one took almost two weeks do do during weekends and evenings. As you can see in the pictures below each one only had three colours – the background colour, white for the writing and some back stitch and grey for the rest of the back stitching. Unusually every bit of fabric has some stitching on. This was my big March project.




My favourite is the Keep Calm and Have A Cupcake!

I bought a three photo frame from Marks and Spencer. I did investigate getting a frame custom made, but that would have cost a small fortune! The frame I bought came with a border with three four inch by six inch aperatures and as each piece of stitching was roughly four inches by five inches it didn’t look great. I took the frame and the stitching to the framers and got him to custom cut a mount for it all. Dare I say assembling it all together was quite difficult and I didn’t quite line everything up perfectly, but I’m still quite pleased with the results.



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