Love card – a quick stitch

Whilst packaging up a wedding present (to be revealed on their wedding day or soon after) I realised I didn’t have a card. Whilst the wedding is currently 32 days away (the bride is counting down) we are unable to attend so Mr M is due to take the present to the stag do this weekend. My focus had been on the present, and getting that finished in time. It makes sense to send the card at the same time so I looked for something to stitch / make relatively quickly.

I’m presuming the colour scheme for the wedding is purple as that was the colour used on the invites and it is the brides favourite colour. The present has a bride and groom on (although not incredibly traditional) so I wanted something different. The design I stitched used only two colours – purple and pink and used whole stitches and back stitch only. It took two/three hours to sew.


As you can see the design is virtually square. In my card making box I have biggish white square cards, small rectangle white cards (used on our wedding cards) and long thin rectangle coloured cards. The square cards were too big and whilst I could mount the design on fabric as I did for the new home card I wanted to do something slightly different. The small white rectangle cards were the right size, but it didn’t look quite right on white. The pink cards in my collection were quite good colourwise but were too long. As a teacher I own a guillotine, so I trimmed the pink card to the size of the smaller rectangular ones and that meant I had envelopes to fit!

I trimmed the stitching, frayed the edge, stuck it to the card and wahey, one LOVE card. I just hope it is the right colours now!



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