Crochet Squares – At home!

Following my class last week I was determined to try to make some crochet squares.
As blogged previously I didn’t actually complete a square in my lesson, but I did get how to do it in the end. This is what I made:


It’s actually two rounds (out of four) and as you can see the tension is all over the place!

After finishing another project I treated myself to some very reasonable priced wool and as I had a needle thanks to my workshop I had all I needed.


The first full square I did had much looser tension in the middle, but I’d made a whole square!


My tension was a lot more even on my second whole square. This square was quite a bit smaller, but I was a lot happier with this one.


I now need to figure out how to tidy up the ends of wool (darning? how?). I’m not going to make a blanket, but I do have an idea of something I want to make. I now need to make more!


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