Needle Case

This blog is meant to contain everything I’ve made since becoming Mrs M. I’d forgotten I made this at the start of the year. I needed a needle today that wasn’t one of the few I have out and so rediscovered this! Hopefully I wasn’t the only person on who had needles in lots of different places and the idea of making this was to consolidate them.


It’s made from thin cardboard, felt, a patterned fabric and some of that iron on stick fabrics together stuff. It closes with one of those snap poppers. Looking at it now I wish I’d put more leaves in for more needles!



6 thoughts on “Needle Case

    • Thanks Claire!

      I love the ribbon closer on your needle case. I find your blog full of inspiration. I went a bit mad buying bargain crochet hooks the other week so may well also make a crochet hook roll. I completely concur about wanting to make something for yourself occasionally!

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