Multi-colour Crochet Bag

After figuring out how to make crochet squares and getting them to be roughly the same size I wanted to make something with them!


With summer approaching it didn’t seem to make sense to make a blanket and the colours wouldn’t work in our lounge for cushions. So what to make? Then I had an idea – a casual bag!

Once I’d decided on a bag I had to decide on the size. I decided to go for a relatively small shoulder bag to hold a few bits for a night or afternoon in the pub – not much more. Then I had to decide how to make the strap and how to close it!


I’ll now admit that this was the main reason I treated myself to the French knitter a few weeks back. I French knitted the strap and then, after deciding sewing a zip onto crochet might be a challenge, knitted a short piece for a closing loop.

Then another issue dawned upon me! Items in the bag  could snag the crochet and/or get caught and be seen, or fall out! So I decided to sew a lining. I decided on a plain black lining and got my sewing machine out and had a go!


I zigzagged around the edge of the fabric, made a hem along the shorter edges, then sewed it together to make a pocket.

The last job was to put it all together. I went to Make and Do and spent an evening there at their Knitting and Crochet group. I was shown how to crochet the squares together, but my tension was so tight it was tough, so I found this virtually impossible. I just sewed them together instead. I didn’t get as much done as I’d hoped, but I had great fun, chatting to the others and got the shape of the bag together.

Unfortunately work got in the way of doing much for most of the following week. I managed to sew the handles on, but that was about it! I sewed the loop for fastening on using the wool at the end, then used wool to sew on a buckle. Finally I sewed the lining in, and wahey, I had a bag!



Ok, it’s a bit 1970’s, but never mind!

On it’s first outing I found it needs me to shrink down from my big wallet to a little going out wallet. I also found that I hadn’t secured the handles well and they were slowly coming out. I will resecure and try again!


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