The Diamond Jubilee by Jacksons of Reading

I buy my wool and embroidery cotton from Jacksons in Reading, which is a shop that is stuck in the past. Bless them, most of the staff look to be at least of retirement age, but you get great service, and a wide range of wool and both anchor and dmc threads in the centre of town. Later on in a shopping day they shut the few tills and put your money in a shute where it goes off to the office and your change comes back down. I’ve never seen anything else like it! My husband is ashamed that I go there, but unless he drives me to out of town shops and waits (which admittedly he has done but I feel guilty and rush my shopping) then tough!
So why have I posted about this? The staff in the wool department are often found knitting. As it is the Diamond Jubilee they’ve been working on the Royal family and their window display is below. How cute is it?


They did a similar thing for Wills and Kate last year. That was before I has a smart phone, so unfortunately I can’t post a piccy of that. I can’t even knit a scarf, let alone try anything like this!


3 thoughts on “The Diamond Jubilee by Jacksons of Reading

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