Crochet Hook Roll

One of the shops near me had crochet hooks in large and small sizes on sale for only 50p each, so I treated myself to some. After all, I have learnt a little bit of crochet now! I have also won seven plastic ones of a reasonable range of sizes on ebay. So with all these needles I need something to store them in…

I’ve seen many different crochet cases on the web and read a few tutorials. I took inspiration from different cases and formulated a plan in my head. I had lots of purple felt left from overbuying last year so I thought I’d use that as my lining fabric and so hunted for fabric to go with that. My thoughts when buying fabric was that I’d make the slots for the crochet hooks out of the felt, then iron on interface the cover fabric, then sew round the edge to join them together. That is not what I ended up doing at all!

I treated myself to a sewing machine in the January sales. I’ve hardly used it and am not confident sewing straight lines, so my fingers were crossed it would work. However this was for me, so imperfections would be more acceptable.

The first thing I did after cutting my fabric was to zigzag round the edges to stop fraying. That seemed to work quite well!


Then I backed the fabrics (patterned side inwards) and sewed them together along three edges. To help me do straight lines I drew on the back of the fabric with a fabric pencil. Amazingly I virtually kept to these lines!

Then I turned it the right way around and folded the unsown edge together. I then hand sewed that edge. As the picture below shows initially I sewed in a ribbon for closing it, but then realised that it wouldn’t be half way up after folding, so I snipped it out.


The material then seemed a bit “puffy” as the edges inside were sticking up a bit. I did consider ironing it, but decided to be brave and sew all around! To make life easier I measured it by having the edge of the foot at the edge of the fabric. This then looked quite good for me!

After finding that my smaller hooks are 12cm long and larger ones 15cm long I folded over the bottom of the fabric by 10cm and sewed that up at each side (not perfect lines here – oops!). I sewed ribbon roughly halfway down to use as a fastener. To stop hooks from falling out I folded over the top and sewed that along the top to keep it folded.


Then all I needed to do was to sew the lines for each pocket. I started at one end and used the fat crochet hooks to guide me as to where to sew. Then I did the thin ones at the other end, and went back to the other end and worked back towards the thin ones. At this point I got a little bit irritated! I kept having to rethread the needle after a lot of lines and the cotton was running out! On one line the bobbin emptied partway through and I did actually completely run out of thread, so there should ideally be another division. For the last line I sewed the thread was held in my hand rather than on the reel as it was that short!

Anyway, my final product is below. Sewn lines are roughly straight, but they are not always parallel when they are meant to be. Annoyingly the felt did bunch up a bit too. However overall I’m pleased with it and I’m pleased I managed to make something without a set design using my sewing machine and it worked!


Ok, it’s long, but the idea is it’ll have room for more than just my crochet hooks I have now (inc ebay purchase still on it’s way here) and be a bit future proof.

When rolled it looks like this: image

The ribbon currently goes round it three times, but this won’t be the case when more hooks are in place.

Do you like the fabric? It was only £3.49pm in Fabric Land. I bought 1/2m and have loads left 🙂


4 thoughts on “Crochet Hook Roll

    • Thank you!
      The fabric was a good price and they had a few different colourways of it, but this was my favourite. This was actually quite satisfying to make – next thing along these lines will be a travel kit. I just need Mr M to let me take over the dining table again!

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