Crochet Flowers!

I learnt some of the basic stitches of crochet (chain, treble and slip) whilst doing my crochet squares, but you can do so much more. When I saw Make and Do were doing a workshop on crochet flowers I jumped at the chance to join them.

Crochet flowers start differently to squares, by making a loop, which was a bit fiddly, but once I had that I was away! Each layer of petals starts off with a ring foundation and you do the petals onto the ring with just a double (a new stitch to me), a chain, trebles, a chain, then a double again. I suffered from poor counting and had to restart my first layer of petals after finding I’d only done seven spokes instead of eight oops! Later on, after I’d thinking I’d finished my first layer, I realised I’d gone into the wrong bit of the flower and had to pull it back.Unlike last time I wasn’t completely clueless – I just couldn’t count and made a few silly mistakes. I now have the confidence to pull back work and start bits again, but it is hard if you’re starting out. Unfortunately one girl completely gave up and left and another just decided to do a rectangular piece (i can’t do that!).


Once the first layer of petals was done you have to join the next one. This involves turning your work over and working on the wrong side and forming new base loop type bit for your next petals to go from. This only involved chain stitch and trebles round the prongs and was required serious thinking at first, but I soon had that done. I also changed colour as this was the perfect time. Then it was back to the right side for your petals, which were one treble wider this time. Just as the workshop was ending I finished that layer and cut off the wool.


Ta Da! Then I realised I’d skipped a petal on the outer layer. I took some wool and decided I’d need to go backwards. I actually pulled it back (I had to go halfway round) on the second of my two bus journeys and also redid half on the bus too! As soon as I got home I finished the layer again. It would have been much easier if I’d counted properly to start with. As I had snipped the wool I had to join a new bit in and that didn’t look amazing. Oh well, this is my first attempt!

Sensibly at this point (11:30 on a school night with my usual 6am get up) I should have gone to bed, but crochet is addictive! I started another layer of petals with the purple wool I had for the bag. I did a couple of petals then forced myself to go to bed. I put my crochet in my work bag, thinking I’d finish it at lunch.

As I’m still waiting for the DVLA to give me permission to drive, my commute currently involves some walking, a bus journey and a train trip. I decided to do some crochet on my bus trip in – after all I’d managed it on my way home! It got a bit tight when someone sat next to me, but I got a few petals done. It was also nice that a lady I see every morning on the bus spoke to me as I was doing it – we’ve never spoken before! I then finished off the layer on the train (just!) but had to wait until I got to work to cut the end of the wool. I then couldn’t do any more as I didn’t have a darning needle.


It didn’t take me long to actually finish it at home. I just darned the ends in, added a button on the front and turned it into a brooch by adding a brooch finding.


Being my first attempt at these it’s not perfect. The tension is a bit too tight in places, but as they can be used as brooches, on hats, bags etc I think I’ll probably make more!


9 thoughts on “Crochet Flowers!

  1. Hi thanks for visiting my blog 🙂
    Lovely crochet flowers they are very addictive! I’ve only just learnt to crochet after many years of failed attempts oooops
    Next on my list to learn is crochet hearts 🙂

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