Zebra Jewellery


These beads caught my eye in John Lewis this weekend. The teal is a very me colour and they were half price (£2.50 for the pack). I thought turning them into a simple matching set would be easy, but I was wrong!

The beads are 5.5cm long, which makes them longer than any of my assortment of headpins. I tried using wire and curling that at each end, but I couldn’t quite get the ends to match. I ended up with two headpins in each bead, joined together by thin wire, but then of course I did have the ends of the wire to deal with! After figuring out how it could work (eventually!) with the necklace, making the earrings was quicker, but it was still a bigger (whilst still relatively small) project than I thought!


I originally put the necklace onto a metal (silver coloured) chain, but it didn’t look quite right, so I went with a black cord instead. It took longer than I thought, but I’m still quite pleased with the result.


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