Emergency Jubilee Accessories

If you’re in the UK, you can’t really ignore the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee this weekend. Union jacks,bunting and red, white and blue themes are everywhere. Mr M and I aren’t doing anything for the jubilee and as a result I hadn’t made anything for it, (although I did suggest making bunting, but Mr didn’t want any) until this evening…

So, why the change? I’m a teacher and today we were told our students could wear red, blue or white (or all three) coloured hair accessories tomorrow and it would be nice for staff to dress according to the theme. Talk about short notice! This change has come about mainly due to the students. We have a nursery and prep school on site and these younger students are to be dressed appropriately, but the senior girls weren’t doing anything, so they asked the head if they could. They didn’t get a mufti day as they wished, but they did get the hair accessories concession.

I thought it would be nice to help my form with getting them some ribbon to put in their hair, and I’d seen some union jack ribbon, so decided I should pop to the shop on my way home. (Any excuse!) Unsurprisingly anything Union Jack had run out, so I decided to buy ribbon in the three colours instead. I bought enough to give them (and the other Yr8 form) 30cm each of the colours – I’ll let them have 1, 2 or 3 colours each. I was going to chop the ribbon tonight, but I’ve decided not to so that anything they don’t want will be kept in a long length, which will be more useful for me in the future.


Now to me!
I’m going to wear white trousers and either a navy or red top with either a white (thin), red (too casual and thick) or navy (thick, but open) cardi, depending on the weather. I’d planned to make myself a brooch from ribbon and a Union Jack button, but they’d sold out of the buttons. I also had considered making a crochet brooch as previously done, but I don’t own any wool of the right colours, so that would be very expensive for a little thing! In the end I played round with buttons again…


The buttons are all flower shapes, but with very different shapes at the back. The navy flower had a very pointy back which I filed down a little with sandpaper, as I did with the rounded middle of the red flower, before sticking together. There is only a smallish area of contact, but it was better than before. I chopped off the back loop of the white flower before sticking that one down (with a lot of glue as the blue one was like an inverted pyramid). Finally I stuck a brooch fastening on the back.



When I got in from my brief trip to the shops I started to think about my jewellery. I have various different sets containing red or blue, but mostly with other colours, rather than the three I want. I decided to have a look through my jewellery making bits to see if I had anything suitable. I found small red and small blue beads, but no white, however I did find red and white beads. I threaded some of these onto a blue wire, but it didn’t look like much, so I turned it into a three chain necklace. The earrings were simple drop ones. My findings don’t match perfectly, but hopefully it’s not too obvious.


The necklace looks better on (although not a flattering self portrait angle).


I didn’t take a photo of the earrings on. The different metals used for the split pin and earring hook aren’t too obvious, unless looking closely!


Now I just need to see what the weather is like in the morning so I can decide what to wear…


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