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Giant Union Jack – A Spot

I’ve had a very busy week workwise, which means I haven’t had anytime to be crafty. I still have some work to do this weekend, but I am optimistic that I’ll be able to fit in a quick make. It’s my Mum’s birthday next week and as I’ve been so busy I’ve had to buy her something, but I want to include something handmade if possible.

I thought I’d share a handmade spot from this week. It’s a Union Jack that is hanging up in Reading’s Market Place. It’s very high up and I’ve walked past it many times without seeing it. I’ve read quite a few comments about people not liking it, but their main complaint is that it is in the wrong colours. What do you think?



Make & Do

I read this lovely article on my train home tonight.

It proves that I’m not the only one to appreciate Make and Do. If you’re local pop in and say hi. I promise they are lovely!

I’ve learnt all of my crochet there. Most recently I made a lovely flower and the very first bit of crochet there was learning to make a granny square.

When my time is engaged…

I seem to be making a lot of cards at the moment. It’s not really my forte, and ideally I’ll spend a lot of time on one to get it perfect. That just doesn’t seem to be happening atm. I should be writing end of year reports and I have the baby sampler that I’m working on, yet a need for cards keeps appearing and I don’t like the idea of buying something I can make!

Congratulations to our friends who announced their engagement on Sunday. Obviously I want to send them an engagement card, but crafting time is limited! I have already blogged about a cross stitch card I made for them when they moved house earlier this year (here) so a cross stitch engagement card (like this) would be too much cross stitch (especially as my WIP is for them) so I needed something different and quick. Unfortunately I can’t always come up with something different that works quickly! After far too long playing around I came up with this simple card:


I know they toasted their engagement with champagne bought for their first date, so the toasting glasses in the heart seemed appropriate. How did it take me about an hour to come up with it?

Whilst packing stuff back into my card making box I came across a roll of metal like stuff with hearts cut out of that I bought for not very much a few years back and have never used. Then inspiration for a simple card hit:


All the foil is the shiny silver colour – my phone/camera is creating a shadow over part of it. I still don’t know if this will really work as the foil type stuff has been rolled for years and keeps wanting to spring off the card! Some of the glue dots are poking out in the heart shaped holes (but they are hard to see) which means currently it sticks to anything you try to flatten it with. Humph! We’ll have to wait and see…

Whichever card I use at least (hopefully!) I’ll have a spare to use when time is short in the future.
(My reports are way behind schedule now!)

Joining Two Hearts Together

My little sister is getting married this year. I’m sure she’s still twelve, but she’s more than double that and her fiance is really good to her. When I was getting bits together for our wedding I bought myself the necklace below to wear on the big day.


I liked the symbolism of the two hearts linked together. I didn’t wear the necklace as I couldn’t find matching earrings and I always wear matching sets. I still like the necklace and have decided to send it to my sister. If she likes it she can borrow it for the day (I’m not sure it is old enough to be her something old). Having a necklace turn up with no accompanying note would be a bit strange, so I decided to make a little notecard to write a message in.


I’ve been inspired by some embroidery outlines that I’ve seen on blogs recently. My sister’s favourite colour (and the colour theme for the wedding) is red so I dug out some thin red felt from my stash and some cheap white embroidery thread.


I sewed two interlinking hearts completely freehand, taking inspiration from the necklace. The angles and relative sizes aren’t the same as the necklace, but that’s just how they turned out. I still like them!

Using my zig zag scissors I trimmed the felt to an approximate square, then used double sided tape to stick it to a square card blank.


Hopefully my sister will like the necklace and appreciate the thought behind it. I’ll have to wait and see…

Quick and Easy Birthday Cards

All these cards were made using gift tags. I’d say that the longest one took five minutes, so they really are quick!


I had the perfect backing paper for this “Happy Birthday” gift tag, with faint flowers on a dark pink background. After a quick trim with my guillotine and with a little double sided tape I had a pretty card.


This more masculine birthday card again started off with a gift tag. I trimmed the tag down slightly and then sacrificed a blue card blank to give me a coordinating stripe to stick across a white card blank.


I had originally chopped the blue, white and red gift tag down to use on another card, but it didn’t quite work. I thought it looked quite effective on a red card blank on it’s own.


This was by far the quickest card to make (although my least favourite). All I did before sticking the tag down was to chop off the back of the tag (as it, like the others were folded tags).

I now have a small stash of cards for when I need one and have no time to make one. If you like the tags I started with they were all 15p from Card Factory.

Present Birthday Card

I know I’m not the only one who finds male birthday cards hard to make. I decided to go relatively simple for FIL’s birthday. I couldn’t quite decide what paper to use as I didn’t have particularly boyish colours, so I made two!



I wrapped the ribbon around the paper before sticking the square down so that the edges didn’t appear to be cut.
Happy Birthday was stamped using my new alphabet stamps (also used here).

Now I need to decide which one to give him (or maybe I’ll get his son to choose!)