Engagement Card

Friends announced their engagement over the Jubilee weekend, so I stopped my WIP (which seems to be going slowly as I’ve hardly been in!) to make them an engagement card. I seem to be falling back onto cross stitch when card making atm, but I am usually happy with the result and I can often make something without having to go shopping for bits first!


The beads I used as bubbles seemed to work quite well, but doesn’t show up well in the photo. Adding beads to sewing is a relatively new thing to me.

I thought I’d put a little something on the back to say I made it and stitched a by Jenny M in the same typeface and size, but it looked too big. I then stitched a smaller one, but that looked too plain and angular. I also considered one of my handmade labels, but that seemed too long!


Which would you go for? I went for the machine sewed one in the end.



2 thoughts on “Engagement Card

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