I’m A Versatile Blogger!

As you may well know, I’ve only been blogging for a couple of months. After all, I haven’t even been Mrs M yet for a year! My blog seemed to be getting more hits than usual today, and that’s because I’ve been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award.


HUGE thanks to Crayons and Milk for nominating me. She has a lovely blog which you can find here:
It’s amazing what she can do with wool!

As I’ve been awarded this award I should tell you seven facts about me…
1. I’m a Science teacher – who says scientists can be creative?
2. I’m very much a boredom eater, doing something other than just watching tv stops me reduces my snacking.
3. I get annoyed when our cats jump over my working space (usually a sofa!) as I’m worried they’ll destroy / damage my hard work.
4. I hope to pick up crafty bits on most of my travels.
5. I made one of my aunts a wedding sampler in the early nineties. It’s been displayed prominently in her homes since. (Although it was one of the last things I sewed for about 10 years!)
6. My parents have a cross stitch sampler I did for them in 1994 on the wall in their house. Everytime I see it I spot a mistake. No one else does (or so they tell me!).
7. I can’t knit, but would love to learn how to.

So, who else do I think is worthy of this award? Well, as I’ve been reading blogs for even less time than I’ve been writing one it’s a tough decision…
1. The Felt Fairy
2. Very Berry Handmade
3. Crayons and Milk (of course!)
4. Crafts by the sea
These are just a couple of blogs I follow. If you can recommend more please do so.


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