Fabric Flower

I find it difficult to stitch in artificial light, particularly when sewing white on white as I am currently on my WIP, so decided to take a little break from that and do a quick make instead last night. This is what I made:


It was really quick and easy! I’d seen a couple of blogs with these on yesterday and felt inspired. It is made completely from my stash.

This is how to do it (excuse the dark photos – it was late at night!).

1. Cut out 7 identical circles. I used thin felt and drew round a small glass with a fabric pencil then cut out by hand.


2. Fold one of the circles in half


3. Then fold that into thirds


4. Use glue to stick one of the sides onto another circle (which will be your base circle) and repeat it with the other five circles.


I found that the “petals” moved quite a bit so I actually ended up doing a stitch at the bottom of each petals to hold it in place. This also had the benefit of the petals not unfolding. The glue, once dry does hold it in place, but I’m impatient!

5. Adorn the centre with something! I used one of my ebay buttons, but sequins and other things would also work.

Ta Dah!



As I used felt and a glass as my circle my flower is quite big. It is very flexible in terms of size and uses! 

Many thanks to chic envelopements whose tutorial I read before making my version. You can find her tutorial here. It’s better than mine and her pictures are much easier to see!


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