Making A Matching Set!

Probably around a month ago I saw one of the independent cardshops in town had nice looking jewellery on buy one get one free.  I didn’t buy anything however as whilst some of the necklaces were nice, as were some of the earrings, they didn’t have any matching sets. As I’m sure I’ve mentioned on here I only wear matching sets. It annoys me if I lose/break part of a set because to me that means the whole set can’t be worn!

Well, on Saturday I walked past the same shop and saw a sign saying all jewellery £1. Well I had to go in. The selection was smaller than last time, but there were still some nice pieces.

I liked this necklace:


In fact I liked it so much I bought two!


My reasoning was that I could use one necklace to make the matching earrings. This was the first time I’d ever considered butchering something brand new. As it only cost £1 I decided to give it a go. If it worked I’d have a nice matching set for only £2!

Making a dangly pair of earrings isn’t that difficult, but I’m a bit out of practice. I had to discard a couple of head pins on these and may have cursed a little as my longest head pins were only a tiny bit longer than the bead selection I used. The hooks kept falling off as I struggled to hold everything, but I got there in the end!


They don’t look as long as they are when photographed like this, mainly because the middle bead is actually quite wide. The length of the five beads is 4.5cm, so with hooks they are 6cm long.

I also made another set of earrings that match. It makes the set more versatile, and after all I had enough beads!


These are shorter than the other pair, despite not looking it!

After making two sets of earrings I still had some beads left for my stash. Not bad for £1!



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