Fabric Painting

I have managed to get laryngitis according to my doctor. It explains my lack of voice – a nightmare for a teacher! I’m not at work today and have been told to try not to talk. That’s a challenge for me!

Fabric Warehouse, near my doctors, sells curtains, cushions and bits to make curtains. I discovered earlier this year that they seem to be the store that every fabric warehouse sends clearance stuff to. They sell such stuff very cheaply and I have picked up crochet hooks for 50p and fabric paint for 25p. It’s always worth a nosey if you have time. As I wanted to cheer myself up a bit I popped in today and walked out with 10 x 43cm squares of a thick cream cotton (5 for £1), 5 little packs of normal buttons (mainly red, also 5 for £1) and two more crochet hooks (now 25p).

I decided to use some of the stencils I picked up in Oxford to paint onto some of this material.


I’d bought a small tarpaulin in poundland to use when painting. Our carpet already has (ceiling) paint on it, but there is no need for me to make it worse! I tend to use Mr M’s empty Pot Noodle pots as water pots. I can dispose of them afterwards, and for some reason I don’t understand, he keeps eating them, so I can replace them easily.

I stuck the stencils down with masking tape on the first two bits of fabric I painted.



I actually found I still had to hold the template down with my fingers, so decided I didn’t really need to do this. I also found that removing the masking tape ripped off delicate parts of other stencils I was covering. They turned out ok…



I can’t quite decide what to do with these, whilst pretty, they are not the colours we use in this house. I just liked them!

We’re moving (very slowly) towards having shades of brown in the lounge, so I decided to do something in these colours. Without taping down the stencils this is what I painted:


For this one I used the same stencil twice, moving it along slightly to repeat it. The second time I used it the paint smudged more. I used dark brown paint for most of it, and bronze for the small circles.



As you can tell the two ones above were made using the same stencil. The brown one has picked up a bit of sparkle from the bronze on the stencil. I quite like it.

I plan to make the brown ones into cushions for the lounge. It will give me practice using my sewing machine, and if I mess up the sewing, I won’t be wasting expensive material.


2 thoughts on “Fabric Painting

  1. I love all of your crafts!! I’m following your blog now and can’t wait to see what’s coming next. I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award!!

    • Thank you for the nomination. I was nominated for that award earlier this month, so won’t accept it this time. It is still very kind of you.

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