Barmy about Buttons!

After my discovery of a huge box of buttons for sale for effectively 20p a card yesterday, I returned for a good rummage today.


I didn’t own any metallic buttons and found the ones above. The end ones in particular were quite pretty. At 10p a button, why not?


These little, dark navy, flower buttons caught my eye. I sometimes layer buttons and these seemed perfect for placing on top of either a bigger flower button, or a button with flowers on. At the equivalent of just under 7p a button I bought two cards.

By far the vast majority of buttons in the box were plain buttons. I do use plain buttons, and sometimes find that they cost more than I think they should so I stocked up on some plain buttons too!


Each of those buttons worked out at 5p, a price you only occasionally see for very small plain buttons! The green ones almost had a octagonal shape to the middle.

The last couple of packets ensured I had small plain white buttons (always useful!) and a slightly wider selection of colours.


All in all, for £2.80 I have added 46 more buttons to my collection. I now have a much wider range of plain colours than I did before. I’m sure I’ll find uses for them all! (and if not my button jar will look prettier anyway!)


2 thoughts on “Barmy about Buttons!

  1. Great stash here! I especially like the metallic buttons, we used to use those in high school to jazz up our uniforms 🙂

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