Art of Crochet – A Charity Shop Find

I found issue 1 of Art of Crochet for sale for 99p in Oxfam yesterday.


I have learnt a little crochet, but have never followed a pattern.
Along with the wool, there was a getting started bit which went through the basic stitches:




They introduce treble and linking chains in the main magazine.



The idea of the magazine seemed to be that every issue you learn how to make a new square and eventually build up a throw once you’ve bought the whole series. After a quick google I found they are now up to issue 129! I’d never commit to something like that, but I do like the relatively easy projects inside:




I might add some of these to my to do list. I really should try to follow a pattern. Even if I don’t actually make the projects, 99p just for the wool isn’t bad!


6 thoughts on “Art of Crochet – A Charity Shop Find

    • Indeed it does! It’s just made using chains, doubles, trebles, half trebles and slip stitches of course. I really like the top too and think it would be great to slip over a vest top on a cool summers evening. Unfortunately I don’t have time to attempt to make it before my holiday.

  1. I subscribed to AoC when it came out in South Africa and so far it’s been well worth it.
    They have awesome patterns, my only frustration is finding the yarn over here and if I do find it, it’s ridiculously expensive!.

    The squares get a bit repetitive though – I stopped with them a long time ago, figuring that I’ll do them once I have all the issues, which should be early next year.

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