Quick and Easy Birthday Cards

All these cards were made using gift tags. I’d say that the longest one took five minutes, so they really are quick!


I had the perfect backing paper for this “Happy Birthday” gift tag, with faint flowers on a dark pink background. After a quick trim with my guillotine and with a little double sided tape I had a pretty card.


This more masculine birthday card again started off with a gift tag. I trimmed the tag down slightly and then sacrificed a blue card blank to give me a coordinating stripe to stick across a white card blank.


I had originally chopped the blue, white and red gift tag down to use on another card, but it didn’t quite work. I thought it looked quite effective on a red card blank on it’s own.


This was by far the quickest card to make (although my least favourite). All I did before sticking the tag down was to chop off the back of the tag (as it, like the others were folded tags).

I now have a small stash of cards for when I need one and have no time to make one. If you like the tags I started with they were all 15p from Card Factory.


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