Joining Two Hearts Together

My little sister is getting married this year. I’m sure she’s still twelve, but she’s more than double that and her fiance is really good to her. When I was getting bits together for our wedding I bought myself the necklace below to wear on the big day.


I liked the symbolism of the two hearts linked together. I didn’t wear the necklace as I couldn’t find matching earrings and I always wear matching sets. I still like the necklace and have decided to send it to my sister. If she likes it she can borrow it for the day (I’m not sure it is old enough to be her something old). Having a necklace turn up with no accompanying note would be a bit strange, so I decided to make a little notecard to write a message in.


I’ve been inspired by some embroidery outlines that I’ve seen on blogs recently. My sister’s favourite colour (and the colour theme for the wedding) is red so I dug out some thin red felt from my stash and some cheap white embroidery thread.


I sewed two interlinking hearts completely freehand, taking inspiration from the necklace. The angles and relative sizes aren’t the same as the necklace, but that’s just how they turned out. I still like them!

Using my zig zag scissors I trimmed the felt to an approximate square, then used double sided tape to stick it to a square card blank.


Hopefully my sister will like the necklace and appreciate the thought behind it. I’ll have to wait and see…


7 thoughts on “Joining Two Hearts Together

  1. That is so sweet of you. And the card to match is adorable. I know what you mean about sisters still being 12. Time does move on, doesn’t it.

  2. That was a great idea. I’m sure she would know it was from you! Congrats to your sister! Would you happen to remember where you got the necklace? Two hearts is my wedding theme and I’ve been looking for something for the bridesmaids to wear maybe. Thanks for your help. Keep being creative. I wish I 🙂

    • Thank you. She did text a thank you and said she liked the card!

      I seem to remember it was from Debenhams, but it was probably bought around two years ago.
      Enjoy planning your wedding.

  3. I’m sure she will love it, it is gorgeous. I have a gold chain with 2 hearts, it can be separated into 2 separate strands with something like a half heart on the end of each chain. The 2 are thread inside each other and together they make one heart. It was hand made it symbolizes our 2 hearts becoming one. The chain is 3 sm links then 1 larger link to represent the three stranded cord cannot be easily broken. Oh and our wedding color was red with red roses. Love and marriage are beautiful? Congrats on your upcoming anniversary.

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