The Olympics!

I haven’t had any time to make anything for an entire week now. What with writing school reports, having in laws staying near and planning a big holiday (2 weeks to go) I’ve just not had a chance! I have crafting time scheduled after work tomorrow, which I will share with you, but for now I thought I’d share something else…

Back in May, I shared a Diamond Jubilee window display at Jacksons of Reading (see here). Well today I walked past and spotted a olympics themed display…



There are lots of little knitted figures doing different sports! There is a sign saying knitted by members of staff, or words to that effect. I thought I’d take close up photos of some of them for you:








They definitely put a lot of effort into their window displays! The diamond jubilee knitted display is also still on show.

I promise I’ll post about a Mrs M Makes soon, rather than a spot. Spending time making something will relax me and hopefully you’ll enjoy reading about it. For now, you can admire the hard work above.


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