A Floating Necklace

I wear jewellery every day. Nothing fancy, just costume jewellery, but I always have my matching necklace and earrings. I figured out how to make very basic jewellery a few years ago and have made a few bits, mainly using the beads as the main focus (see here, here and here). Earrings are relatively easy with headpins and earring findings (I made some here) but anything more complicated than a few beads just placed on a cord and I’m stumped. The necklace I made for the Jubilee actually fell apart at the end of the day as I hadn’t fixed the ends securely. That was somewhat annoying and beads dropped all over Reading! That was yet another of my necklaces where beads move in relation to the clasp. So when I saw that Make & Do were doing a basic jewellery class I signed up.

Lisa, our teacher for the evening, started off by running through some of the basic findings. Next she showed us how to use crimp beads and then calottes (the name of which had me thinking of those skirt/short combinations). We were given a short bit of wire to use as a practice.


Then we were shown how to wire wrap a headpin. This would be a much better way to finish earrings than my method of cutting the wire short then bending it. We had a go at that and then got shown how to use jump rings and put our bead on one. (excuse the poor photo – it’s small and hard to focus on).


After being shown how we could link together eyepins we were then allowed free reign to make anything we liked. Lisa had some examples for inspiration and I decided to go for a multiloop necklace as I like them, wanted to know how to make them and I’ve had two break on me recently. I believe they are technically called floating necklaces as the beads appear to float on the wire. We were allowed to choose anything from the bead selection to make our jewellery, which was actually quite tough!

I wish I’d made a note of the wire I used to make the necklace (I’ll email Hannah, the owner to ask). I cut a length then put a bead in the middle and put a crimp bead either side. I then put a bead with two crimps either side and worked outwards. I even asked for a ruler to make sure they were reasonably even. When the length looked quite full I put a crimp bead on each end then a calotte. I did the same with another two lengths, joined the ends together with a jump ring and put a clasp and chain on.

Ta Dah!


And on


(These photos as with the rest of the photos on my blog have been taken on my phone. Tonight I couldn’t get the colours right.)

I’m really pleased I know how to make these now. I might just have to order some crimp beads!

I still had a bit of time so made matching earrings. One bead of each colour seemed too big, so it was a bit difficult to figure out what to do. Hannah found little pink beads that matched the colour of the bigger beads so I used them. Wire wrapping the end of the headpin worked well, although it is a tad fiddly. I think I’ll do this in the future.


I had a great evening as always at Make & Do. I now feel inspired and confident enough to try to make some more jewellery using my new skills. I already have an idea in my head!


4 thoughts on “A Floating Necklace

  1. Your jewelry is awesome! I have been thinking of taking some jewelry classes for quite some time now. Your post may have put me over the edge. The next time I see a jewelry class I may just have to sign up.

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