Glass Fusing

When I saw an offer for a glass fusing class for £19 on Groupon I decided to give it a go. I don’t usually do more than one workshop a month, but as I had credit on my account, this workshop was effectively free!

Mr M drove me to what looked like a normal house a couple of miles from our house. I was told to go in through the side gate and found a conservatory with tables set up for six people to work at. We were told how glass fusing is basically cutting glass, forming a pattern, putting a clear glass layer either on top or underneath and fusing it together in a kiln.

Our first challenge was to design our items. We could make a suncatcher and either a pendant or cufflinks. We were advised that we should stick to straight lines as curves are hard to do. I couldn’t decide what to do. This is my rough idea:


I couldn’t quite decide where the beach should end and the sea should start, hence the green bit! Ignore the purple. I thought I’d picked up a blue!

After the design it was time to learn how to cut the glass. To tell where you want to cut you draw a line with permanent pen. Then basically you score the glass along the line and then snap it! This is my first practice cut:


A few more cuts later;


And I was ready to start on the coloured glass.


It is actually quite difficult to cut exactly as you see it in your head. I had quite a few attempts at my sun:


As you can see getting the edges perfectly straight isn’t easy! It probably took me over an hour to get it all looking like this:


I changed the colour of the boat, and I’m not quite sure it worked well. I guess I’ll see when it’s finished! Getting some of the pieces to fit was tough. I had to cut some bits quite a few times. There was a grinder that helped me to file down some parts. I had to clean the marker off and placed the hanger on top.


For my second piece I decided to do cufflinks as it is Mr M’s birthday in a week and a half. This is my design:


They apparently turn round when fired. This was meant to be relatively easy, but small pieces are harder to cut perfectly than big ones. This is what they looked like:


All our products are now in the kiln. They will be fired for one and a half days. I’ll be able to pick them up in about a week. I can’t wait to see what they will look like!

I have a new found respect for people who work with glass.


4 thoughts on “Glass Fusing

  1. This looks like such a fun craft to try! And I love the blue you used for your beach scene. It’ll look great when you get it out in the sun

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