Quick and Easy hair clips

You can’t really get a quicker make than this. I was inspired by some of the things I saw at the Old Fire Station in Oxford during my crafty shopping trip there during half term and Pillows A-La-Monde when she posted about button hairbands.

All I used was buttons with shanks and plain hairclips.


All you need to do is slide the hair clip through the shank so that the shank is at the far end of the clip. The clip will work perfectly and you’ll have something pretty in your hair!




You do need to be careful which buttons you use as with some the shank is in such a position that the object will be at an angle that looks wrong when in hair e.g.


This butterfly would be flying at a strange angle! I’ve found flowers work well, as a change in orientation won’t really matter.

I mounted them onto  trimmed down card.


Perfect (I hope) for my friends almost 7 year old daughter who is visiting next month.


5 thoughts on “Quick and Easy hair clips

  1. These look great and so easy to make! What a fantastic and simple idea. I might have to make some for my niece the next time she comes to visit.

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