Button Rings

I often like to give the members of my form a present at the end of the academic year to help remind them of their year. I wanted to make something this year, but it needed to be quick and easy and relatively cheap. This idea came to me about a week ago but I had to wait for some bits to wing their way to me.

Apologies for the poor lighting in the photos – these were made and photographed using my phone at around midnight.

All you need is:
Ring blanks
Strong glue


I made an assortment of rings this way very quickly.

You can use;
Circular buttons ( ideally ones with a pattern)



Shaped buttons work well, such as flowers



Or hearts


You can even stack buttons on top of one another. That works well with both plain buttons


And shaped buttons


Just make sure you give the glue time to dry before using them!


I’ve made enough for one for every girl in my form. Each one is different and should fit as the ring bases are adjustable. They can choose which one they want and there will be some left over. My favourite is either the white flower or the three blue buttons stacked together.

This really is quick and easy!


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