Crafty Shopping in Chinatown, Singapore

The other night we went to chinatown in Singapore and found a nightmarket.


Apparently it also runs through the day, so can’t be strictly called a night market anymore, but never mind!

I found these necklaces for only 1SGD (which is roughly 50p in GBP and 80c in USD).


The normal problem I have of not having matching earrings occurred, but after my relatively recent jewellery class I feel quite confident in being able to make some. At such a bargain price I bought two of each necklace, intending to destroy one of each to make earrings and probably another necklace too. If I owned the beads I’d be able to make the necklaces as they are. I primarily bought the second necklace of each type for the beads and even for that it seems like a good price!

Here are some closer up pictures of the beads;

Grey and black (although mainly grey):


And light blue and white:


I’m now a bit more excited by the purchases above than my first purchase in chinatown. I bought these, obviously fake, coins:


The two big ones were 1 SGD for the pair and the five small ones were five for 1 SGD. I was thinking one dangley necklace with a big coin as a pendant and obviously some matching earrings. How I’ll actually put these together I’ll figure out when back in the UK.

Amazingly Mr M let me buy something slightly crafty without too much moaning. Admittedly the cheap price of my purchases probably helped!


3 thoughts on “Crafty Shopping in Chinatown, Singapore

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