Chiang Mai

No crafty post today as we’re still on holiday! I haven’t forgotten you all in blogland, so I thought I’d give you a peak at a few snaps (I have lots of photos on my camera – the ones I’m uploading are from my phone as usual).

Our hotel in Chiang Mai is my new favourite hotel ever! It knocks the Bellagio in Vegas off the pedestal it’s been on for a couple of years. We stayed in the old town in the Sirilanna. It’s a boutique hotel with only 15 rooms and whilst not the cheapest in town it had big rooms, free wifi and free breakfast whilst being in walking distance to virtually everything. I’d recommend staying there!


The photo above shows the door to our room! Look at how big it is:


It had two seating areas!!! The tv was much bigger than the one in our lounge at home, but the real highlight was is shown below, which alone was 2/3rd the size of our bathroom at home!


Anyway, whilst in Chiang Mai we saw lots of Wats…


And even ventured out of the town and to the highest point in Thailand (literally in the clouds!) and saw this on our way down:


I didn’t do much shopping whilst in Chiang Mai, but did treat myself to a tiny handbag so I can just take out a little wallet, camera and phone when out in the evening. It cost me the equivalent of £1.60. I love the prices in Thailand!


I’m writing this blog post in Chiang Mai airport waiting to fly to Laos. Our adventures are continuing…


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