Thai Crafts

As you’ll have seen by my previous post we were in Thailand for a few days. You can buy all sorts of things there and a lot of purses and bags all claim to be handmade, but I’m not convinced as virtually every stall sells the same ones. Some of the goods however I’ve never seen elsewhere…


Now admittedly this is not the best photo, but as I haven’t bought any it was difficult to take a picture! These necklaces and earrings are made from real orchids coated in 24-carat gold. As you can imagine they are not cheap, but they are beautiful. They seem to then enamel them or something as they are all different colours. I almost wish I’d bought some, but I’d be scared to wear them and they deserve showing off and shouldn’t be relegated to a drawer as mine would be.

Tuk-tuks go by many names in Asia and are not just a Thai idea. We only used one in Chiang Mai, but that was because we could walk virtually everywhere and if we went a long distance other transport was better. Now the next product I’m showing you is probably not only available here, but it is the best upcycling I’ve seen in a while!


What a great use of old cans! I can tell these are made in Thailand as Leo is a Thai beer that I’ve never seen out of Thailand.

I wonder what I’ll find on our next leg of the trip…


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