Luang Prabang

Our travels continue…

The last few days we’ve been in Luang Prabang, which is the former royal capital of Laos. It’s a very laid back, relaxed place. The old town is on a peninsula between the Mekong River and the Nam Khan. We spent lots of time relaxing, eating and drinking beside the Mekong. It is stunning!



We took a boat trip one day which took us on both rivers. Photos don’t do the Mekong justice – it moves incredibly fast and carries all sorts (e.g. tree trunks with roots still attached!) downstream.

It is currently the monsoon season, so every day it rains. Some showers are short and sweet, whereas others go on for a long time and limit what you can see in a day. We carried umbrellas everywhere after the first full day when we got drenched!

Luang Prabang has a lot of Wats and we visited quite a few!



We also saw the former Royal Palace, which is now a museum.


Some parts are meant to be the same as they were when the Royal family left in 1975. After seeing nothing about them post 1975 I did a bit of reading after this visit!

The street in the middle of the peninsula is now full of tour agencies and cafes. It is a relaxing place to people watch if you pick your spot well!



One end of this street closes around 5pm for a night market. It is quite relaxed for a night market with no pressure selling and some lovely products. I treated myself to a silver bracelet and bought a lovely mobile for friends who have just had a baby. I would have spent hours exploring, but Mr M isn’t such a fan and he had to keep ducking to walk through. To be honest the rain didn’t help and sometimes you need to be nice to your other half!

We had three whole days and an evening in Luang Prabang. We probably could have fitted more into our time, but we relaxed and enjoyed ourselves, which is of course one of the aims of a holiday! I would have happily spent more time there, doing nothing. It is so peaceful. Our hotel room faced onto the main road going round the edge of the peninsula, yet we could sit outside, virtually beside the road, and just listen to noises made crickets and other creatures we couldn’t identify. One night we were sat outside just after the midnight curfew and heard a big vehicle drive slowly along the road towards us. Dare I say we soon retreated into our hotel room!

I’d like to return to Luang Prabang one day. I hope it doesn’t change too much!


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