Remember the free bracelets we got in our hotel room a few nights back? I got a bit excited with all the possibilities for the beads (the bracelets were a tad too small for us) and thought they’d be a fab reminder of our time here. Well apparently I made a squealing noise tonight when hubby found they’d given us more tonight!

I’d thought we wouldn’t get any more as they’d rotate freebies a bit more, but I’m definitely not complaining! I made a comment to hubby that whilst these are great gifts for women, they’re not great for blokes. His response was that they are as any bloke would give his to his wife / girlfriend / daughter and if said female was not there he could claim he bought it especially for them! Men, huh?!

Anyway I’m a happy bunny with now over 80 of these beads to play with.

My fingers are crossed for more tomorrow, but I strongly doubt it will happen. Yesterdays gift was cute, but no where near as good for me…


I wonder what tomorrow (our last night here) will bring…


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