No, not kharma, krama!

I must admit I didn’t know the term either until we found one of these on our bedside tables this evening:


It’s a scarf!


(folded in half for this photo)

There is a reason you see these for sale a lot in markets round here when looking at fabric type things – they are an important part of the traditional outfit in Cambodia. The red and white colouring is very traditional too. They do come in other colours, but unfortunately blue and white has a sad meaning for some.

A lot of people would assume that the scarf is usually worn round the neck, but that is not the case in this instance (it’s actually a tad short for that – I tried it). We’ve seen it used around the head, but this article says there are a lot more uses than that (it also gives a lot more information than that!).

Now as I don’t wear scarves, what should I do with it? I don’t want to waste it (or them)…


4 thoughts on “Krama

  1. I love seeing pictures of your trip. I think it’s so neat you’ve gotten gifts every night in your hotel room, they’re all so unique and interesting! Hope you’re enjoying your time in Cambodia!

    • Our hotel in Siem Reap was a cut above and our treat to ourselves for our wedding anniversary. It was also a great place from which to see the Angkor temples. We have now left there and in Vietnam, in our usual standard of hotel, which is good, but not great! No more little gifts 😦

  2. How about using it as a table runner? What a fantastic trip. I love that you and Mr. M chose a non-traditional place to visit! Love reading all your posts of your trip.

    • Thank you. I am aware some of my usual followers might not be interested in travel, but I don’t want to start another blog as I’d never be able to keep both going and craft and traveling are both my interests!
      As for the table runner idea it is a fantastic suggestion. I need to get home to see how long the krama is in relation to our tables. We have two cats and they put me off buying things like table runners! However if they don’t dangle over the edge and if I can place a glass surface over the top then that would work well. Thanks for the suggestion.

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