Shopping in Siem Reap!

Mr M let me do a bit of shopping in Siem Reap on our last day there. I am amazed! I don’t have any space really in my luggage and I was using up the remainder of my dollars, but I was determined to find a few bits. I had a good noisy around the Old Market which sold fruit and veg and well as lots of dried fruit and spices. People were eating their lunch in little stalls in the middle. It was fascinating, but I didn’t take any photos. It’s unlike me – sorry!

This is what I ended up getting:


A ready cut piece of fabric. This is roughly 1/4 of it. The other edge is basically a reflection of this side, so it has the same border. I asked how long it was and the seller told me it was around 2m. Is 1.6m around 2m? Oh well! He wanted $7 dollars, but I paid $4 (although I did almost walk off without buying it!). Mr M did ask what I’m going to do with it. I don’t know yet, which confused him as all shopping should have a purpose in his eyes, but to me it is a worthy addition to my small stash.


If you are a follower of my blog you’ll know how I have to wear matching necklace and earrings. Well these are pretty close and took ages to find. The seller for these let us spend ages going through her stock, so knew we were pretty set on them. In someways that meant she thought we’d pay a lot. She wanted $12 for the earrings and $15 for the necklace, total $27!!! Of course I didn’t pay anywhere near that. I told her the maximum I would pay for both is $10, and as we walked away she dropped her offer to 15, then 12 and finally 10 as we went further from the stall.


We’ve seen funky ball shaped lights in quite a few places in Asia and I’ve wanted them for a while. In other places they are ball shaped in the packaging and that has stopped me from buying them as they take up so much room! Mr M did the negotiating here and got them down from $6 to $5.

My final purchase was not from the market, but from Bloom. As I mentioned in my previous post I didn’t buy a bag from them, but I did buy this:


It’s a necklace made of the same type of beads as my free bracelets from our hotel. These beads are also handmade and help to support families that need it. I’m going to make earrings to match from the free (but too small) bracelets as the beads are the same style and some are the same colourings, but the beads are just a bit shorter. I will share what I make when I am home.

Our next (and final) destination is Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam. Will I be allowed to shop there? I’ll have to wait and see…


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