Bamboo Dragonflies


Aren’t these pretty! Bamboo dragonfies are a traditional Vietnamese toy. They are carved from bamboo and then when the balance is right they are hand painted.


The dragonfies can balance when just touching a surface with their nose. The photo above doesn’t show it that well, so here is a side on view (ignore the mess please!)



I think they are lovely and not only have one to keep, but will be giving one away (the pink one) and will take one into school to use when teaching moments. Whilst these are relatively cheap (my four only cost 50,000VND) they do require skill to make them balance perfectly.

They are a lovely handmade souvenir from Vietnam.


6 thoughts on “Bamboo Dragonflies

  1. Ooh these are so pretty! When I was younger I used to have a plastic eagle that balanced like this! I used to walk around everywhere with it perched on the tip of my finger! Simple pleasures 🙂

  2. These are beautiful. My boys also had a plastic eagle that balanced like the dragonflies. They played with it endlessly and I can see why it is a popular toy.

  3. These are gorgeous! I also had something similar. 🙂
    You’ve found so many wonderful treasures on your holiday!

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