Bargain fabrics

We’ve returned from our travels. We’re back to a house that needs vacuuming, a mountain of washing and I feel as though I’m in a weird time zone. Oh well!

Anyway, just before we left Ho Chi Minh Mr M announced that he had probably taken a bit too much money out and as we can only spend dong in Vietnam, is there anything I wanted to buy? I’m pretty sure that is a first! We only had half an hour, but luckily our hotel was just around the corner from Ben Thanh market…

If you read my previous post you’ll know that I liked the fabric stalls at the market so i returned there. I bought 1m of a couple of fabrics:

Two linen fabrics:



Each was 50,000VND pm, which is roughly £1.50pm.

I also bought two cotton prints:



These were 30,000 VND pm, so just under £1 pm.

Mr M was a bit shocked when he saw how much I’d picked up! He was even more shocked when I asked him to pay and it all came to 160,000VND. Even he thought it was cheap!

I have no idea (yet!) what I’ll do with these, so I’ve ordered myself a new book:


(picture courtesy of Amazon UK).

I hope this book will be full of inspiration. Some reviews say the book is a bit basic, but I need basic!
Do you have this book? What have you made?


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