Catch Up Cards

The world doesn’t stop when you’re away and during our holiday we heard some great news. On our return I made cards for those occasions where cards were suitable. I even had them all posted at a post office (at least one needed a large letter stamp) within 24 hours of landing!


Some of our friends had a baby girl. Obviously we knew they were expecting, but we didn’t know the sex of said little one. The baby sampler I was working on for ages is for them and unfortunately it didn’t get finished before we went away as work and getting ready for our trip got in the way. I need to finish it asap!


Another friend got engaged. I found this card topper in my card making box so went for a simple and effective look (I hope).


Finally the day we flew home was the birthday of one of our friends. Ok, this wasn’t a surprise, but a birthday that was almost a month away wasn’t on my radar when we left! I sent her a message as soon as we returned and hope the card will only be a few days late.

The rest of the good news is more long term, so I have a while to make something for them!


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