A stash necklace

Last night when making my silver heart jewellery I dug out my jewellery pliers and decided to have a dig through beads that I already owned. When I started making jewellery a few years back I bought quite a few beads from ebay, but my skills were very basic and I enjoyed shopping for beads, but couldn’t make much from my purchases. I decided to make something using beads I already owned. Since I went on a basic jewellery course and made my floating necklace my skills have improved. This is what I made:


I have never before dangled beads from the chain like this – in the past I would have just threaded all the beads onto the wire or cord directly. The red beads were in my stash and the silver beads were left over from butchering a necklace to make a matching set.

I’m quite pleased with this and don’t think it looks homemade. I am considering making an item of jewellery for every female member of my family for Christmas.


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