Exciting News!

Whilst we were on holiday I missed the opening of a cute little shop in Reading called Creative Crafts and Workshops. It’s owned and run by Adriana Bowyer with whom I made my Christmas bag last year. The shop is a delight with a wide range of handmade goods, including crocheted bags and jewellery, knitted teddies, paintings, bunting, purses and so much more. The name also gives you a clue that Adriana is still running workshops – there is at least one every day, some of which Adriana teaches and others taught by other experts, and as well as being fun the workshops are very good value!. It’s slap bang in the centre of Reading, under 5 minutes walk from the train station in Reading’s oldest arcade. For more information see the Creative Crafts and Workshop website or the regularly updated facebook page.

Whilst this is obviously great news for all crafty people in Reading, it is exciting for me! When I popped in on Friday, Adriana suggested that I give her some of my jewellery to sell. I’ve never considered doing this before, but as I thought about it I realised it was a great opportunity and I could never wear all of the stuff I’m making at the moment. You can guess what I then spent the some of the weekend doing…






These are not all of the necklaces I handed to Adriana this morning, but as you can tell by the quality of some of the later photos I ran out of light with which to photograph them in! Adriana seemed pleased with them – let’s just hope her customers like them too!


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