Fabric Flowers


Aren’t they lovely?

I decided to treat myself to one of Adriana’s workshops at Creative Crafts and Workshops to learn something new and have some fun as I’m still on my summer holiday from school. She runs a workshop on how to make these most Mondays. I needed a reason to not have a lie in, so I found myself at the shop before the 10am workshop so I could drop off my jewellery at the same time.

Fabric flowers are quite easy to make once you know how!

First make the shape of your petal in wire:


Then use that to make your fabric petal (I won’t give away exactly how to do that as it’s not fair)


Twist your petals together, stick a bead in the middle and wahey!


I see all sorts of possibilities with these. I bet they would make great table centre pieces for (dare I say it?) Christmas. They are another thing on my want to make again list!


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