Oxford Inspiration!

It’s the school holidays and Mr M is still contracting in Oxford, so of course I had to get the train up to see him. After a lovely lunch, he returned to work and I spent the afternoon exploring crafty places again.

My first stop was the old fire station. The gallery contained work that kids had done in their summer school:



I wish I’d done that sort of thing as a kid! There was also a strange sort of sculpture / statue:


I find that the shop is always full of inspiration. It stocks products by local artists and designer makers.

There were some lovely purses by Custom Made, whose blog I follow on my Google reader. I wish I could make these:


You can also get a wide assortment of jewellery. The necklaces for sale are more than double the price I’m charging for mine at Creative Crafts & Workshops. Whilst these necklaces are lovely, it does make me think maybe I should charge more!


You can also buy button rings and the artist who made these also used lego bricks!


The whole shop has a white colour scheme which really allows the vibrant products to shine through:


After shopping in the market next to the old fire station, I headed over to the indoor market. Every time I go to the market I always look in the window of the Cake Shop. The cakes they make always look amazing. The one below caught my eye this time:


It’s a cake model of The Radcliffe Camera, which is a reading room annexe of the Bodleian Library. Brilliant hey?

To read more about my previous trip to Oxford read here. You’ll see that the old fire station does indeed vary it’s exhibits and things for sale in the shop. This time I mainly visited the same places as on that trip, and may just have treated myself to a few bits.

I’m off up north this bank holiday weekend and as it’s me and two boys (sorry, thirty something men), I can’t imagine I’ll have much of a chance to be crafty. I haven’t forgotten my giveaway and am working towards it – I’m gathering bits and haven’t forgotten.

Have a good weekend all!


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