Road trip crafting

We spent almost eight hours on the road yesterday (it was only supposed to be five!) to get to the house of one of our good friends. Bank holiday traffic is never fun!

I kept myself busy as we progressed north:


The photo above was on the M1, and the photo below was hours later on the A1(M).


It may look as though I didn’t make much progress, but each round is 85cm, so it takes a while! I figured this would be my only crafting opportunity this weekend, as I’m with two boys (sorry, men).

Do you craft whilst on the move? What do you make? The last time we travelled a long way from home within the UK I cross-stitched a card.


7 thoughts on “Road trip crafting

  1. Yes I most definitely do craft on the move. I knit or crochet but couldn’t cross stitch – I would get far too sick doing that! As you have found sitting in a car simply wastes too much time!

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  3. I get a bit travel sick if I do anything for a long time while I’m travelling, even I managed a bit of stitching on the plane back from Scotland though!

  4. I do all sorts of crafts on the road. I taught myself to crochet. I will do blanket stitch applique, Quilt as you go and a fair bit of papercrafting esp the rough cutting I require for my 3D flowers and hand colouring the paper flowers. I have done also teabag folding and probably more but there is a lot that can be done. It all depends up how accurate your work needs to be such as needlepoint applique I found harder to do and how rough the road conditions are. I am writing up an article on crafting on the road coming up soon as I get a few photos done

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