We’re up north!

As I mentioned in my Road Trip Crafting post, we’ve travelled up north to see a good friend. We did a bit of sightseeing on Sunday.

We started out at the Angel of the North which is a huge statue / landmark made from iron. It’s beside the A1(M) and is on the outskirts of Gateshead. It’s pretty cool. This was the view from the carpark:


The angel’s wings are really wide as you can see if you stand in front of it:


Then we jumped back in the car and drove to Durham, which is a city I’ve never seen before and have wanted to see for a while.

Durham city centre is historically based on a hill surrounded on three sides by a river. It looks like the sort of site which would have been relatively easy to defend.

The old streets are quite attractive:




The last road leads up towards the cathedral and castle. On the right as you go up is this little shop:


The Georgian Window sells all sorts of gifts, jewellery and even a dresser front full of beads. As I was with two boys (men) I didn’t have long to investigate, but I did pick up these from their reduced section:


Both beads were 10p each and are roughly 3cm long, so they are quite big. I have ten of the clear and twelve of the yellowish ones. I am making something for me with at least one of these bead types!

The boys were keen to stop shopping and keep exploring, so we wandered up to the cathedral:


The main door has a really funky (replica) door knocker. If you knocked on the original as a fugitive many years ago you were given sanctuary for 37 days. I wouldn’t mind a smaller version of it on our front door:


The cathedral is huge and quite pretty inside. I can’t share any photos with you as cameras are not to be used inside. However the cloisters may look familiar to you:



Yep, Harry Potter played quidditch there! The cathedral is actually one of many locations used in the films (such as Gloucester cathedral which I knew quite well when growing up).

After leaving the cathedral we wandered a bit more and viewed the town from an old bridge over the river:



The boys finished the day off with a locally brewed beer and then we jumped back into the car. What a lovely day out!


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