A nice reminder

When we go away, I like to buy reminders of where we’ve been. My souvenirs aren’t necessarily your typical straw donkey type of thing, but usually something I can use. I bought fabric, jewellery to destroy and beads in South East Asia, and last week I even bought beads in Durham. I am in a bit of a jewellery making frame of mind at the moment and have made things with both my silver hearts and the Singaporean beads in the last two weeks. Today I decided I wanted new jewellery to go with my new hair cut! I bought two different types of beads in Durham. My favourite ones were the colourless and clear beads. I thought these would go well on a long dangly necklace, so that’s what I made!


I put a 5mm silver pearl shaped bead either side of the bigger beads and spaced them out pretty evenly along the wire. I used a different clasp than those I usually use for a bit of a change and as I’m a bit short on lobster clasps at the moment. Those of you who’ve been reading my blog for a while will know I always have to match my necklaces perfectly to earrings, so I made myself these:


Luckily the beads are light, otherwise big earrings like this could be painful! I’m now off to meet Mr M from his train home. Will he notice the new hair or jewellery? Only time will tell!


5 thoughts on “A nice reminder

    • Thank you. Mr M spotted the jewellery straight after the haircut, so I’ve obviously trained him well. He’s not 100% convinced by the jewellery as the beads are apparently a bit big for me. I however like it and as you say, it will go with almost anything!

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