Sparkly Jewellery

I went a little bit mad on beads on ebay recently. I found some sparkly half silver and black beads for 99p (inc. postage) and thought they’d be perfect for me. You see I end up wearing a lot of black and white to school and I’m a bit fed up with the jewellery I have already. I’ve worn it all too much already, so it’s time for new jewellery for the new term.

I had 16 beads, so that gave me 14 for my necklace and 2 for my earrings. I also got some black jewellery wire and crimps through recently, so bearing in mind the colour of the beads I decided to use these instead of my usual bright (i.e. silvery) wire. Initially I was going to go for another long necklace, like the one I made yesterday, but after starting that I decided to make a shorter necklace if it was to be a necklace I wear a lot to work. Unfortunately I have been known to catch long necklaces on gas taps when helping students and have snapped at least one that way!

This is what I ended up making:


As you can see it’s a 3 layer necklace that uses all 14 beads. Of course I had to make matching earrings, and I decided to keep the whole length of the headpin to make them more dangly to go with the necklace. I’m showing you 2 photos so you can see both sides of the beads:



So there you have it. New jewellery for the new term. It’s unique and way cheaper than anything you can buy in the shops!


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