The Simple Things

Look what I found on my doormat when I got in from work:


Yes, it’s Issue 1 of The Simple Things!
For those of you who don’t know about it, it is a lifestyle type magazine by the people who make the very popular Mollie Makes. I signed up a while ago to get the first 3 issues for £5.

The magazine has a great philosophy. Slow down and enjoy things. They believe that small things can make a difference.

The magazine has three main areas, which reflect times throughout the day.

Dusk is all about waking up slowly and making plans for the morning. I want the items they suggest we will wake up and want, especially the birdy plate! I feel that I need to spend more time in Berlin after my few brief hours there in 2000. I was inspired by a slow food wedding and I want this:


Cheese! Did you know ideally you should keep cheese in the salad drawer in your fridge?

After dawn, comes the day. My collection of buttons and beads has nothing to one guys collection of radios. I’m determined to keep my eyes open more when walking to see if I can spot any ghost signs and have I told you that I’m a huge fan of these:


Apples! They go so well with cheese and whilst tasty as they are, they can be turned into delicious foods and drinks.

When the day ends, it’s dusk. There are yummy looking recipes and crochet patterns for tea cosies and cafetiere cosies, perfect for snuggling evenings, whether making or using. I’m not sure my skills are up to it though!

Finally the magazine ends with Miscellany, giving lots of seasonal suggestions, such what bulbs to plant for spring flowers, not only showing what they look like, but where to plant.

So, my verdict is that I really like it. It’s full of inspiration. For now I’ll have to dream about having time to do it all. Maybe I should slow down and enjoy the simple things…

NB: Images are copyright Future Publishing


3 thoughts on “The Simple Things

    • It’ll be available in the shops from Sept 6th. I think it’s £4.99 an issue usually (I’m not sure if there are still subscription offers around).
      Why not give it a go!

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