Thank You


No crafting for me today as going back to school means I have less time than I did last week.

I just thought I’d write a quick post to thank my followers as Mrs M Makes has broken a few if it’s own little records. Yesterday the number of views was in three digits for the first time ever (it just made it with one hundred views exactly!). I now have over seventy followers too!

Welcome to all my new followers. I hope you like what you are seeing. Feel free to comment on posts – I love to know what you think. I know I seem to be making a lot of a jewellery at the moment, but I do do other things too!

If anyone wants to enter my giveaway, you have just over twenty four hours left. I’m amazed by the numbers of entrants – my fingers are crossed that you will be lucky (although obviously in this instance there can only be one winner). Click here to go to the original giveaway post.

Have a good rest of the week!

Mrs M


5 thoughts on “Thank You

      • Oh, you are a teacher. Kudos to you! The world is a better place because of teachers. You must have a lot of patience. I hope you have an awesome year.

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