Which fabric?

Edit: For some reason my photos didn’t show when this post uploaded. This would have made it hard for you to give advice. How frustrating! I’m still interested in your opinion, even though it will probably be too late to influence me.

As I mentioned in my heritage open days post, I’m doing a heritage crafts workshop on vintage patchwork tomorrow. As its free I need to supply my own material, although I only need a smallish amount. My question is which material do I take? Are small patterns better than big?

These are the ones I’m considering taking. Which would you take?

1. White background with purple butterflies


2. White, with white spots (I only have a minute amount)


3. Black background with bright yellow / pink / purple flowers and butterflies


4. White background with big blue / pink / yellow flowers


5. White background with lots of colours of small hearts


6. Cream background and small blue and pink flowers


7. White background with big pink / blue / yellow flowers


8. White background with pink / purple small flowers


9. Plain pink


10. White with small pink dots


11. Pink gingham


12. Pink with white flowers on


13. Plain lilac


14. Plain white


I don’t have much of most of these fabrics, but I doubt I’ll need much of them.

At the moment I’ve packed all of it!
Which would you put together? I know I won’t use them all!

At the moment I’m thinking  2, 5, 6, 8, 9,10, 12 would work relatively well together. If I was going to use 5, i think I’d drop the hearts and the plain pink. Which would you use or take?


5 thoughts on “Which fabric?

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  2. 2,4,6,8, ( and 9,10,11 just because I like punk). The pink gingham might be good as a border or sashing, but what do I know having never actually finished any patchwork. But heritage history is something I am passionate about and I think those fabrics could suit a heritage feel. Plz let us know how you go. I’m sure it will be fun, wish I could come too!

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