Vintage Patchwork

I’ve had a lovely afternoon in the Cath Kidston shop in Reading. I think everyone enjoyed themselves and people were asking if we could do the same again next week – always a good sign.

The setting was lovely and perfect for a vintage patchwork workshop. Our Cath Kidston shop, like many others, is set in one of the older buildings on the main shopping street.


The workshop was held upstairs and if you look left at the top of the stairs, you can see these lovely quilts hanging up.



So the store itself was full of inspiration! The tables we were working at had an array of small bits of fabric on for us to use.


As you can see on the left of the photo there was an example of what we’d be working towards. We were also shown more intricate patchwork, some with hexagons, others with different shapes, but all made using the same principles.

I know some of my blog readers are quilters and that there are many ways to do patchwork, but we were shown how to do it “as my granny taught”. That’s true vintage!

First of all you need to cut the shapes you want your pieces to be out of envelopes. (Others there said they used newspaper, others thin card). To be sure they are all the same size use a template. We were doing traditional hexagons and we were lucky that a template had already been cut out for us!


For each piece of fabric, cut it so that it is a bit bigger than your template, but the same shape.


Then fold over and pin the edges of your fabric to your envelope.


Then do a running stitch to hold it all in place!


You may notice that this isn’t one of the fabrics I had taken with me . It was available to us at the workshop and I liked it.

Make as many of your shapes as you want and then join them together at the edges. This is when I discovered that my hexagons weren’t perfect hexagons. Oops! Luckily by rotating them I could get the edges to match.

This is what I made over the course of the workshop. I could probably have made more, but we were chatting at the same time. It’s always good to enjoy yourself when making something!


I need to unpick the running stitch and take the envelope out, but that can wait a while. I need to decide what to do next. I was going to do a fifth hexagon in my pink gingham, but ran out of time.

I’m pleased I’ve had a go at patchwork. I think I could sit on the sofa making hexagons (or other shapes). Unfortunately my crafting schedule atm doesn’t mean I can continue much more right now, but I will definitely make something in patchwork at some time!

I’ve had a great afternoon thanks to Heritage Open Days and Jelly. I just wish they did this more often!


3 thoughts on “Vintage Patchwork

  1. What a lovely way to spend an afternoon. I made loads of these little hexagons when I was a child. Goodness knows what happened to them. I’ve got plans on a tumbling block quilt now but I am going to have to be real clever to find some time to do that!

  2. Great patchwork quilts, something I really must get round to starting and I’ve no excuse since I have all the fabrics waiting.

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