‘Knitteds’ Craze!

As the Daily Mail puts it, there is currently a ‘knitteds’ craze. I’ve posted about the knitted olympics and the knitted diamond jubilee, both knitted by Jacksons of Reading. Whilst I can’t knit, I know some of my followers can, so I thought I’d share a link to a Daily Mail article with you. The article starts of by reviewing a new book on 25 dogs to knit, but the main reason I’ve shared it is that it has the whole pattern to knit this lovely pointer:

I wish I had the skills for this! Knitters out there, enjoy!


5 thoughts on “‘Knitteds’ Craze!

    • I can’t even knit a scarf! It’s amazing what people design patterns for. I thought it was worth sharing as the pattern for the pointer is my favourite price!

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