Woolly Hat Day

I’m not a knitter, but when I read this article in our free Get Reading newspaper, I wished I was. Homeless charity St Mungos needs help to knit 5678 orange bobble hats. The reason behind having 5678 hats is that is the number of people sleeping on London’s streets last year. That’s a huge figure (and a 43% increase on the previous year!).


The hats will be used to create a stunt on October 26th and will be sold to make money to support the homeless via St Mungos.

Lots of details, including  the pattern and where to send the hats to is on the Woolly Hat Day website.
If you want to learn more about St Mungos and what they do, click here.

I would get involved if I could. I wanted to share because if just one person who reads this joins in then they will make a difference.

It’s term time, so no crafting time for me so far this week. I have however posted my giveaway prizes along with a surprise. Hopefully Janey will get them soon!


9 thoughts on “Woolly Hat Day

  1. Mrs M I will make one on our behalf! Two if I have time. I work in what is called housing support and have spent the last ten years trying to prevent homelessness. It is a problem that is going to get far worse next year I fear with changes to housing benefit for the most vulnerable people in society. I won’t get on my soap box on your blog, but I will make a hat and let you know when it is done. would you mind if I reblogged this?

    • It would be fantastic if you could make one. Every one does count! Feel free to reblog. The more people who know, the more who will hopefully support it.
      It sounds as though you have a very worthwhile job. Well done on making a difference.

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