Little bowl or bucket bag – free tutorial!

This is by the lovely lady who taught me to crochet. She’s only recently started blogging.





Here’s a bit of a freebie – I have taught this method on Beginner’s Crochet classes as well – they are a great beginners project and the first things I ever made when my friend Boann taught me to crochet round the camp fire a number of years ago. I have written this pattern for complete beginners, so it might seem a bit Janet & John to some! 

This design uses three basic crochet stitches – chain, double and slip stitch which are the basis of many crochet patterns. Once you have mastered the little bowl or bag basics, you can make large versions in many different yarns, and add handles and embellishments if you wish. I have made them in coloured jute string to form a storage basket with a fold over top – you could make pen holders, plant pot covers, children’s play bags, handbags and even…

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